A “Series” object contains the following fields:

iduuidUnique identifier in UUIDv4 format.
namestringHuman name to help identify the series.
prefixstringText to place before a generated code.
paddingintegerWidth of the code’s number, with zero padding.
suffixstringText added after the series’ number.
last_indexintegerThe series’ last assigned number, zero, or the defined first index if no entries have been added yet.
last_entry_iduuidID of the entry last inserted for this series.
sigsarray of stringIf the series was created with any signatures, they’ll be here.
created_atdate-timeTimestamp of the series’ creation.
updated_atdata-timeTimestamp of the last update.

A series object may look like:

  "id": "835bb1ca-e7c4-41e6-9e88-464de54cc08e",
  "name": "Testing",
  "prefix": "TEST1",
  "padding": 5,
  "suffix": "-2022",
  "last_index": 1001,
  "last_entry_id": "78b53c40-9b40-11ec-9298-665181255c0a",
  "created_at": "2022-03-03T22:18:50Z",
  "updated_at": "2022-03-03T22:18:50Z"

The last entry added to that sequence would have generated the code: TEST101001-2022.